How to Order
Your order is important to us. Click on the "Add to Cart" button next to the product that you want to order. Besides Pay Pal, you can use a credit card to pay. Your order total will be automatically calculated with shipping when you check out.

Soy Free Sales recommends that someone is available to receive our products that are delivered with the regular mail. PLEASE PROVIDE A WORK ADDRESS OR P.O. BOX if possible. We prefer to ship on Mon., Tues., and Wed. so that the product will arrive before the weekend. If the product is allowed to sit out in the sun/heat, it might become damaged. Please e-mail or telephone us if you want special shipping arrangements, i.e. Fed Express, UPS, etc.
More Ordering Information
Fair Trade Information 
Due to the low melting point of high quality chocolate, we package all shipments going to areas with temperatures over 65 degrees  and traveling through states with temperatures over 65 degrees with Warm Weather Shipping Materials, which consist of a styrofoam-lined box with chill packs. If your order does NOT contain chocolate (Mixes, Gummi Bears, Gum ) you do not need Warm Weather Shipping, and we will make up the difference with additional product. Put chill packs in freezer to reuse.  There might be an additional cost for warm weather shipping materials after we receive your order. You will be notified by email.
Our Site figures shipping charges based on dollar amount of your order and the quantity that will fit inside  USPS Flat Rate Boxes (least expensive way for us to ship). If there is ever a shipping difference,  we make up that difference with ADDITIONAL PRODUCT or a refund check. You are only charged actual shipping/handling. If "Bonus" product does not fit inside the box, we will include a check made out to you for any shipping difference.  WE SHIP AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE COST.
Orders being shipped outside the United States might require additional postage and an out-of-country Service Charge. We will notify you of any additional postage and other charges via email after we receive your order. You can also e-mail us your order at and we will give you the entire charge via e-mail  before you place your order. We can invoice you by e-mail.
Estimated Shipping Charges (Domestic): $.01-$47.99 = $11.99, $48.00-$79.99 = $16.99, $80.00-$150.00 = $35.99, $150.00-$199.00 = $39.99,
$199.01 and up = $39.99.  Estimated Warm Weather Shipping: $ .01-$47.99=$19.99, $48.00-$79.99=$20.99, $80.00-$150.00 = $29.99, $150.01-$199.00 = $39.99, $199.00 and up = $39.99.  Remember, you only pay ACTUAL shipping charges! Any shipping difference is made up to you with additional product or a refund check.